Women and Children Empowerment Programs

1. Organized awareness/advocacy Campaign against the atrocities on women, female feticide, women trafficking etc.
2. Formation of ‘Mahila Sabha’ for raising voice against domestic violence on women.
3.Awareness generation programs for the women for addressing the issues of child marriage, dowry etc.
4. Formation of Special schools for the child labours. (at Simra village of Paru block of Muzaffarpur district)
5. ‘Bal Panchayat’ formation for enabling the children to raise voice for their needs to the society. (At Belsand block of Sitamadhi district.)
6. Formation of SHGs and providing skill-upgradation training programme to the SHG members. (50 SHGs are formed at Belsand district of Sitamadhi district).

Child Protection Programs

1. The SGSS has been working in 50 village of Belsand & Persauni Block of district Sitamarhi for The protection & participation of children under child rights. In this program we have formed the group of children at village, Panchayat & district level to promote them for the realization of their rights through their own capacity.
2. The Organization has already been working under Let Girl Be Born campaign in two districts with the support of BVHA,Patna.
3. The SGSS has formed child protection committee in each and every village of the project area to protect & support the children issue at grass-root level.
4. The organization has conducted various training programs for the children groups to build their capacity under child rights.

Disaster Management and Disaster Preparedness

1. Preparing the communities for the reduction of Disaster Risk by equipping them with necessary skills and infrastructure.
2. With the support of TDH-Germany the organization is equipping and enabling the people of Sitamarhi district to fight with the ill-effects of floods, using local techniques, to a reasonable extent.
3. Constructed and distributed 10 motorized boats to the community of 20 villages for rescue and relief activities among the flood affected people.
4. Construction of temporary shelters at high spaces of the villages to save the life of the flood victims.
5. Trained the different group of the community for rescue operations and provided life saving kits to the trained persons.
6. Providing psychological support and counseling to the flood affected victims and traumatized people.
7. Formation of special village level subcommittees for managing different activities of disaster preparedness like -VVC,VDMC, Health and Hygiene, Fist aid, TBA etc., with appropriate training and equipment to tackle the situation .
8. 300 Trained volunteers with appropriate life saving equipment
9. Mass awareness/advocacy campaign on the needs of Community Based Disaster Preparedness.

Institution Building

1. With the support of TDH-Germany, Save the Children, UK, the organization has already formed institutions like, 50 SHGs were formed at Belsand Block, in Sitamadhi District, where the women are engaged in different developmental works which further enhanced their decision-making process.
2. ‘Bal-Panchayats’ formation for strengthening the voice of children and for enabling them to solve their problems themselves.
3. Making ‘Farmers Club’ for the farmers so that they can come together and discuss the various issues of farming. (30 Farmers Club had been made by the SGSS).
4. Beside these various committees had been made to tackle the flood and hence reducing the Post-Flood epidemics.

Welfare Program for Marginalized Population

1.Apart from the women and children, the organization is also working for the restoration of rights for the SCs & STs who are the most vulnerable people of the society.
2. Advocacy for these downtrodden peoples is the basic work done by this organization.
3. The organization has supported and leaded the moments on the issues of land encroachment, non payment of wages, un-touch ability, money landing, child marriage, domestic violence’s and unavailability of food security in district Vaishlai, Purnia, Katihar, Araria, Deoghar & Dumka.