Safe Abortion Program

Program Supported By IPAS for Safe Abortion & Family Planning

Samta Gram

6/17/20211 min read

The project is being run in Patna district of Bihar state, where we aware and educate the community on the issue of safe abortion which reduce the female mortality rate and improves health. Strengthen the community knowledge on the practice of sexual and reproductive health. The activity area mainly focus on Capacity building of target group (ASHA, ANM, AWW, Nurse, CS, Public Representative). Making them understanding the government health program for safe motherhood and pregnancy thus by reducing both IMR and MMR. Awareness generation to remove the social myth, stigma and to improve the service delivery system. It also designed to advocate the issue with its legal provisions i.e. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act’1971. Mobilization of government resources is added to the strategy to support the Safe abortion with capacity building of medical workers to make the pregnant woman realize their Right. it would create educated community which takes care of safe abortion and other family planning measures to ensure good health.