Samta Gram

Seva Sansthan

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Our Campaigns

2018-till now

 Strengthening the SRHR movement especially for access to safe abortion by creating network.


2017-till now

 Campaign for Gender Equality


2016-till now

 Campaign aggainst the trafficing of  womens and girl child.


2015-till now

 Right to Food


2010-till now

 Campaign for Children Rights


2005-till now

 Right to Water


2003-till now

 Campaign against dalit women exploitation


2002-till now

 Right to Homestic Land and House


2000-till now

 Right to Information


1999-till now

 Campaign against the trafficking of women and girl child


1996-till now

 Campaign against child labour


1990-till now

 Campaign against illiteracy 



 Campaign for eradication of kala azar and epidemic disease.


1980-till now

 Right to Work


1980-till now

 Communal Harmony